Are you considering doing your annual accounts yourself?

If you are fed up with paying big bills to an accountant and would like to do your annual return youself (either Self-assessment or company report) I can help. Once Sage is up and running on your computer and set up properly it can take less than an hour to print out the relevant Profit & Loss and balance sheets, make depreciation adjustments and clear out the old transactions to make way for the new year. This is probably the commonest job I do for my clients. It takes a few hours on the initial visit to set Sage up to give you custom made end-of-year printouts, but once that’s done it is simplicity itself. All you will require from me is a few hours each year to check your entries and the job’s done!

I’m considering Sage, but I’m not sure if it’s for me?

I’m not a Sage reseller, so I you need to buy the package from a supplier. I love to save my client’s money, so before you purchase it’s wise to contact me to see which package might suit you. In most cases, the cheapest Sage package (Instant Accounts currently retailing at around £90) is perfectly adequate for most small businesses and will not only handle the normal Banking, sales and purchase ledgers, but also has built in invoicing and a basic stock control section. If you want to look at a full verssion of Sage up and running you are more than welcome to book an hour at my home just south of Exeter and I can give you a full demo.

Are you in trouble with Sage?

Locked out of Sage? In a muddle with your bank reconciliation to work? I thrive on challenges, so if you need one-off help with Sage, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to help.

Can’t find the time to do your VAT or Year end?

Again this is one of the commonest jobs I do. A visit of two or three hours a quarter (or even year) to tidy things up and run the period end reports and you never need have sleepless nights over those deadlines again. Once you are competent on Sage, then this can be a very cost-effective and hassle-free solution.